File Dropper

Package: Select/Dropper Select/Dropper now works only on Windows. Anyone is very welcome to write it for Linux and MacOS.

File dropper allow to execute program in any language after dropping a file. You specify a command which you wish to execute in the --nxsExecute param. Please see below for details.

With -bg (Nexss Programmer Background Command)

Whatever file you will drop on the displayed window it will execute program in --nxsExecute. There you can use variables like on "default" and "helloWorld" templates.

# add here the begining of Nexss Programmer template like on default or hello world template.
# eg for python see:

parsedJson["PythonOutput"] = "Hello from Python! " + \
    str(platform.python_version()) + parsedJson["nxsIn"] # parsedJson["nxsIn"] contains path to the file you dropped in

# and here the end of the template
nexss -bg Select/Dropper  --_color=11ff55 --_x=100 \
--_width=220 --_height=150 --_text="Action 1" --nxsExecute="nexss"

With nohup version (Powershell)

See for more Nexss Programmer examples:

# Nexss Programmer MultiDropper Example

function nohup($command) {
    Start-Process -FilePath "$env:comspec" -ArgumentList "/c $command"

# All 3 commands in one line
nohup('nexss Select/Dropper --process:title="My Action 1 - Image Resize"
--_color=11ff55 --_x=100 --_width=220 --_height=150 --_text="Action 1"
--nxsExecute="nexss action1.nexss"')
nohup('nexss Select/Dropper --process:title="My Action 1 - Send Emails"
--_color=55ff55 --_x=500 --_width=220 --_height=150 --_text="Action 2"
--nxsExecute="nexss action2.nexss"')
nohup('nexss Select/Dropper --process:title="My Action 1 - Another"
--_color=88ffff --_x=900 --_width=220 --_height=150 --_text="Action 3 - Custom"
--nxsExecute="nexss action3.nexss"')
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