We are Nexss - the Next Space Systems

Providing innovation solutions for various fields. Move Your company to the future.


Innovation solutions, Research and Development for various fields in this vast wonderful world. We provide our own solutions for your business which will put you and your business to the new level.

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System Development

We provide system development with the latest technologies, converting system architectures allowing for more maintainable, flexible code and over all allowing for better performance.

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Areas for Ideas

Don't have an idea ? Programming Solutions, Cosmos Industry, E-Agriculture, Security / Monitoring, Real Time Applications, Distributed Systems, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, IoT Internet of Things.

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Music, Video Presentations

Make your company stand out with our music video presentation. You can have a great, unique product presentation, nice music on the website, video or for your song or music video.

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Selected Work

Computer Planting Project by Nexss.com

Computer Planting Project

Research and Development of innovation idea of computer planting through the Internet including social medias integration.

Julia Dedicated Applications by Nexss

Julia Dedicated Applications

We develop innovative framework for making websites without programming knowledge.

SEO optimization by Nexss.com

Search Engine Optimization

We are optimizing the websites to be Search Engine Friendly so you can get most of your site.

Music Production - Video by Nexss

Providing Music for the Artists

In 2016 we provided music for few European successful artists.