Nexss Programmer with package.json

Use Nexss Programmer to run programs platform dependent.

create few programs in any language. and use --nxsPlatform to tell which platform to use.

  • nxsPlatfrom - Nexss Programmer allow to run any line related to the OS, OS version. It uses for it process.platform and process.distroTag1, process.distroTag2 (Implemented in the Nexss Programmer)
# this program will be run only on windows and freebsd.
nexss myprogram.ps1 --nxsPlatform="win32,freebsd"

List of platform supported

  • aix
  • darwin
  • freebsd
  • linux
  • openbsd
  • sunos
  • win32

Distro Tags

nexss -env # see the distro tags aswell as more information about version of the system.

In the nxsPlatform you can use also distro tag. Use nexss -env to see the platforms tags. You can use even with version. So for example Windows have 2 tags: Windows and Windows10. If you will use Windows10 will run only on Windows10, if you use Windows it will run on all Windowses. You can use also Distro Linux tag. If you use Fedora,Ubuntu18 it will run only on Fedora and Ubuntu version 18. etc etc. ...
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