Cargo edit/cargo add - manage pkgs through command line

Basically edit your dependencies from command line. No more manual manual editing of Cargo.toml file.

cargo install cargo-edit #


cargo add tokio # it will add tokio to your Cargo.toml
cargo add tokio --features all # also add features option


It is really worth fix the installation issues to save time later and use cargo-edit

Solution for installing cargo-edit

One of the errors during installation of cargo edit ld: cannot find -lntdll. This shows on Windows. Try use different toolchain eg.

rustup toolchain install stable-msvc
  • Make sure you have latest gcc installed. For example you can use 'nexss os install gcc'

All OSes

# if you don't have nexss programmer installed just use
npx nexssp/os install gcc

# with nexss programmer
nexss os install gcc
nexss os install gcc --dry # just to see what command nexss programmer uses to install gcc.

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