Way of usage:

  • nexss command add xx
  • nexss cmd add xx
  • nexssp-command add xx
  • npx @nexssp/command add xx

Example Usage

You can use cmd or command => command = cmd

There are 2 types of commands. Global and per folder/project. -g means global

List of commands

# List packages from current folder. (are specified in the _nexss.yml)
nexss cmd list

# list global ones. in the file USER/.nexss/_nexss_global.yml
nexss cmd list -g

Add commands

nexss cmd add screenScan nexss Screen/AreaOCR --nxsField=text
# OR if you need to use " or ' in the command
nexss cmd add newMapoart -g "git add -A && git commit -m 'update message' && git push"

Run commands

nexss cmd commandName -g # global commands

nexss cmd commandName # current folder

Delete commands

nexss cmd delete -g commandName
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