This package can be used from the Nexss Programmer aswell as separately. Example by install command (They are the same):

nexss os install mypackage # through Nexss Programmer
nexssp-os install mypackage # separately
npx @nexssp/os install mypackage # without installation


npm i @nexssp/os -g # separate global installation so you can use nexssp-os everywere in the system

npm i @nexssp/cli -g # install Nexss Programmer the latest version
npm i @nexssp/cli@2.4 -g # install older version of the Nexss Programmer

Usage as a cli tool - nexssp-os

nexssp-os env

nexssp-os env # after installing with -g flag

npx @nexssp/os env # OR nexssp-os env OR nexss -env - it's without installing


OS Information
Windows version:         Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.19043.1288]
Search command:          scoop search
Install command:         scoop install
Update command:          scoop update
Uninstall command:       scoop uninstall
Tags:                    WINDOWS, WINDOWS10, WINDOWS100 (to use in a distro recognition)


OS Information
Linux distribution:      Ubuntu
Linux version os.v():    18.04
Search command:          apt-cache search
Install command:         apt-get install -y
Update command:          apt-get update -y
Uninstall command:       apt-get remove -y
Tags:                    UBUNTU, UBUNTU18, UBUNTU1804 (to use in a distro recognition)

nexssp-os where

nexssp-os where git # will display path of the git

nexssp-os install, uninstall, update, search <package>

nexssp-os install git # will install git. Package manager is choosed automatically
nexssp-os install git --dry # will only display command for the os eg apt-get install -y git

# update, uninstall and search the same as above

nexssp-os get, nexssp-os get NAME

with --json flag will return json with passed field will return only value for this field.

  "DISTRIB_ID": "Ubuntu",
  "DISTRIB_RELEASE": "18.04",
  "DISTRIB_CODENAME": "bionic",
  "DISTRIB_DESCRIPTION": "Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS",
  "NAME": "Ubuntu",
  "VERSION": "18.04.5 LTS (Bionic Beaver)",
  "ID": "ubuntu",
  "ID_LIKE": "debian",
  "PRETTY_NAME": "Ubuntu 18.04.5 LTS",
  "VERSION_ID": "18.04",
  "HOME_URL": "https://www.ubuntu.com/",
  "SUPPORT_URL": "https://help.ubuntu.com/",
  "BUG_REPORT_URL": "https://bugs.launchpad.net/ubuntu/",
  "PRIVACY_POLICY_URL": "https://www.ubuntu.com/legal/terms-and-policies/privacy-policy",
  "VERSION_CODENAME": "bionic",
  "UBUNTU_CODENAME": "bionic"

nexssp-os tags

nexss os tags
["UBUNTU", "UBUNTU18", "UBUNTU1804"]
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