Lightening Fast Loading of your website

There are few things which you may do to speed up your website loading.

Convert Images to WebP format

WebP images are much smaller then even jpg's. Depends on image and transparency, for example from 260KB -> 45KB.

Convert images with Nexss Programmer easy!

# For individual images
nexss Convert/ToWebP file1.jpg file2.jpg
# OR if you don't want to install nexss programmer
npx @nexssp/cli Convert/ToWebP file1.jpg file2.jpg

# For whole folder of images.
nexss Convert/ToWebP/images folder # folder contains jpg, png or gif images. Nexss Programmer will save you webp images in the current folder you are in. use npx accordingly

TODO: More flexible selection of images like recursive subfolders and more..

More soon


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