Commands works only in Nexss Programmer Project as they are specified/being saved in the config file _nexss.yml

Example _nexss.yml commands part

  - name: mycommand
    command: ls -l
  - name: init
    command: npm install

OR you can use platform specific ones like that:

name: ToText
  - name: src/toTxt.js
    - name: init
      command: scoop install xpdf-tools
    - name: init
      command-ALPINE3: apt-get -y install poppler-utils # specific distro (Alpine 3) more here:
      command-ARCH: pacman -S --noconfirm xpdf # Like for every version of Arch
      command-UBUNTU: apt install xpdf # specific like below are always first, then global ones.
      command-UBUNTU18: apt install xpdfA
      command-UBUNTU20: apt install xpdfB
      command: apt-get -y install xpdf # this will be correct for distro with xpdf package. For eg. arch will be like above.
    - name: init
      command: brew install xpdf
  "pdftotext.exe": "\nOne of the Nexss Programmer packages is not initialized. \nUse command `nexss pkg init` (to make sure all are up to date) \nor You may want to install xpdf-tools manually:"

if You need to make code platform specific you can consider use @nexssp/os

init command

Command 'init' is special because this one is run during package installation. You can specify there like 'npm install' or any package manager installation.

Instruction nexss pkg init will run on all packages which are available on the system if the 'init' command is specified.

Commands (similar npm scripts)

nexss cmd # Display available commands in the **Nexss Programmer Project**
nexss command add directorylist ls -la # nexss command add [name] [...command]
nexss cmd add mycommand ls -la # also aliast is cmd
nexss cmd add executeNexssBegin nexss nexssBegin.js # execute nexss statement through command
nexss cmd list # list of commands in the actual project
nexss cmd delete #it will display selection of commands to delete one.