Environment Variables

Nexss using environment variables




These are cached, so you need to --nocache flag to recreate cache.

  • NEXSS_HOME_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexss
  • NEXSS_LANGUAGES_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexss\languages
  • NEXSS_PACKAGES_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexss\packages
  • NEXSS_CACHE_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexss\cache
  • NEXSS_PROCESS_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexss\process - is not used since 2.1.3+
  • NEXSS_PROJECTS_DB - C:\Users\\\.nexss\projects.json
  • NEXSS_APPS_PATH = - C:\Users\\\.nexssApps\ - Nexss Programmer related apps (when scoop don't have manifest for it) - all apps are keep in one place.
  • NEXSS_SRC_PATH - C:\Users\\\.nexssCli\ - Nexss Programmer source path (main engine)

Not cached

Only if you are in the Nexss Project. More about projects: Nexss Programmer Projects

  • NEXSS_PROJECT_PATH - current project path, if you are in any folder of the project
  • NEXSS_PROJECT_CONFIG_PATH - _nexss.yml config file location. if you are in any folder of the project.