List of all available languages: Nexss Programmer's Programming Languages List

Note: Use nexss cache rebuild (2.2.38+) to rebuild cache while developing languages (also there is an option --nocache).

Languages configuration are in the c:/Users/\<yourusername>/.nexss/languages/
To see exact path for configuration for particular language write: nexss php info OR nexss php config (nexss [extension] info|config)

They are downloaded on demand so if you add new file nexss file add my.[extension] and language is not installed it will download language implementation from Nexss Programmer Online Repository and display available templates.

Templates for each language are located: c:/Users/\<yourusername>/.nexss/languages/\<language>/templates.

Each template may need extra operations, files and this can be configured per template. More about Templates Extra Configuration

Set default compiler, builder or package manager

nexss lua default compiler # Shows the list of available compilers
nexss lua default compiler lua54 # sets compiler to lua 5.3, 
# note: you must pass correct compiler name.

Set compiler per file

You can also specify custom compiler name per project eg.(selected blender compiler - see all compilers for python nexss py compilers)

  - name: src/
    compiler: blender src/nexsstest.blend --background

Also the easier method is to add nexss-compiler: to your program (no need to add it to the config file), for example if you have only one file and you just want it to run

eg. in python file add to the top of your page

# nexss-compiler: blender -E CYCLES --background -noaudio
# OR
# nexss-compiler: python2
# OR 
# nexss-compiler: python39 
# etc, etc

Change compiler through command line

nexss --nxsCompiler="blender --background"

Get info about language

nexss py info --json # basic info
nexss py info 
nexss py config --json # full config
nexss py config

Update, Check status of installed languages

nexss langauges status # will display the status of languages see below:


Installing Packages (languages related)

You don't need to know the language packagemanager to install for example json package. Just do nexss php search json and it will display all json related packages. And then to install nexss php install [package name]

nexss js install nanomsg # if npm is not initialized it will automatically initialize the project
nexss js # displays commands for package panager for in this case JavaScript
nexss php install zeromq # for php will use composer
nexss exs install elixir # for elixir uses hexpm/mix
nexss pl install something # for perl using cpan and so on.. for other languages