Nexss CLI Development


In the Nexss Programmer the constants can be set by nConst("MY_CONSTANT","my value of the constant which cannot be changed."); It has predefined constants which can be used in whole system.

fs, path, child_process (The same on NodeJS.)

console.log(process.distroName); // eg. Alpine Linux
console.log(process.distroVersion); // eg. 3.12.xb (string)
console.log(process.distroTag1); // eg. ALPINE3
console.log(process.distroTag2); // eg. ALPINE
console.log(process.mem); // eg. 24670208

Filename through modules

process.nexssCWD //current working directory
process.nexssFilename // contains actual filename which is executed.
process.nexssConfigContent //contains project config (is loaded once)
process.nexssCurrentCommand // containes current command which is run

Config Languages / Install

Below multilines will be replaced by && and for Powershell ; so you can use multiline commands for install

Example of installing vlang

    install: `Invoke-WebRequest -Uri -OutFile ${process.env.NEXSS_APPS_PATH}/vlang/
cd ${process.env.NEXSS_APPS_PATH}/vlang
nexss System/Env/EnsurePath --EnvPathAdd=${process.env.NEXSS_APPS_PATH}/vlang`,

Stream structure

  display: chunk.display,
  command: nexssCommand,
  from: "transform-nexss",
  stream: "stop",
  reason: reason ? reason : "reason not specified",
  status: "end",
  command: process.nexssCMD,