Nexss Files

Nexss Programmer's files .nexss allow to run Nexss Programmer packages or any file through files and not use _nexss.yml. In many cases this can be much better solution. You can also use them to develop Nexss Programmer sequences etc. They behave like another programming language in the Nexss Programmer.



If you look below every command is run like nexss Id, nexss config.json however they are streamed through Nexss Programmer Stream. So every data change, add is reflected on the next command.

Id // This is Id package run
// Comment from start
Debug // Here another comment

Commands / Packages / Lines

Every line starts with a word eg Id, config.json, Debug, Mouse/Move, which is Nexss Programmer package OR file and every Nexss Programmer package can use over 50 programming languages to create solution. Also you can use packages within packages..

config.json // This is file - this one is read the variables to the memory (Nexss Programmer Data Flow)
Mouse/Move --_x=5 --_y=5 - this is like nexss Mouse/Move --_x=5 --_y=5 but passes to the next one


Nexss Programmer can have predefined preVars which modify source based on the static variables. The variables start as #!PLATFORM. for example

example below: #!PLATFORM will be converted to aix, darwin (Mac), freebsd, linux, open bsd, sunos, win32.