Test nexss Programmer

nexss test all --onlyErrors # will only display errors, 
# please notice that on error testing there will be showing errors from Nexss Programmer, but that's ok.

Test your project

You can easy add testing to your incoming data by flag --nxsTest

nexss myfile.js --nxsTest # --nxsTest is from 2.1.13+, older versions --test

This will add some extra tests:

   "number": 369369,
   "string": "This is string",
   "Unicode": "½¼¾¿®¢£¤¥§óęśćźżÓŚĆŹŻäöü߀яшдфгчйкльжѠ"


nexss src\my.cpp --test # This is with the template HelloWorld.cpp

[],"test":true,"number":369369,"string":"This is string","Unicode":
"outputCPP":"Hello from C++ 17!"}

Custom Data to pass in

You can add custom data to pass from _nexss.yml (config for nexss project) more here Nexss Programmer Config

name: FileTest
debug: true
  x: 1
  y: 2
  - name: src/my.r