Encoding issues on Piping (Powershell)

example: nexss > nexss.html. nexss works ok, however file is written wrong. You can display also result by nexss | Write.

$OutputEncoding = [Console]::OutputEncoding = [Text.UTF8Encoding]::UTF8

Packages Installation

If there are issues with the packages like:

pytesseract.pytesseract.TesseractNotFoundError: tesseract is not installed or it's not in your PATH. See README file for more information., please make sure that all packages are installed properly by running command: nexss pkg init, which installs all packages with the Third party packages.

Powershell parameters vs _nexss.yml inside parameters

inside _nexss.yml we do not use " for parameters eg:

   - name: Data/Concat --concatFields=cwd,start

however on the command line we need to add " :

nexss Data/Concat --concatFields="cwd,start"

No output after run command

nexss src/my.jl # if no output debug with
nexss src/my.jl --debug # you should see:waiting for  julia src\my.jl --debug
# then paste in your command line julia src\my.jl and see the output. 
# Maybe your compiler has been deleted manually
# then you need to reinstall it manually or delete it, then nexss programmer will re-install it
# cmd /c where julia # will search which compiler (in this case julia) is used.

Nexss Command issues

ERROR: Could not find 'nexss' script in 'bin' folder, aborting...

You are running 'nexss' command in the Nexss Programmer installation folder eg. c:\Users\mapoart\.nexssCli
Solution: Please move to other folder as you cannot run from the installation folder.

Windows 7 Issues

To Install Powershell you need to install WMF5.1 from Microsoft Website: WMF 5.1 - Windows Management Framework