Tutorial Template Package

Create new Nexss Programmer Project

Create new Nexss Programmer Project:
nexss p new myproject
change to the project folder:
cd myproject
Add any file from implemented langauges:

Add at least one file

nexss file add helloWorld.js --template=helloWorld

Using Template Package

..to display help nexss Template help
Display available templates (From Package Template)
nexss Template --listTemplates
Copy folder from
nexss Template --copyTemplate=page.twig - Now you can edit the template in your favorite editor.(src/views/page.twig)
Test template nexss Template --template=src/views/page.twig
Add template to the default sequence nexss pkg add Template --template=src/views/page.twig --saveNexss
Start Nexss Project nexss . # Start the current folder
OR you can specify folder where it's run

cd ..
nexss myproject