Frequently Asked Questions FAQ
How easy is it compiling a program with nexss programmer?

Compiling any program is easy just by one command: `nexss program.ext` where ext is any language extension.

How Nexss Programmer can help me with my learning of the programming?

It will safe you a lot of time as it contains predefined templates for each language and you can learn from them.

Why do I need so many programming languages?

You don't need all of them, however you can combine few of your choice and make your custom solution. Also during your learning you can compare the languages and choose the best languages you like.

Where can I find tutorials or practical examples?

There not so many tutorials regarding using Nexss Programmer yet, but is quite easy to use for compiling particular languages: just command nexss and name of the program. Also adding new files from tempaltes is just nexss file add myfile.extenstion.

How many languages are supported by Nexss Programmer and which they are?

At the moment there is almost 50 and the list it is still growing. Languages list can be found here: Nexss Programmer Programming Languages

What are the main features you can stress out?

There are hundreds features with free version, but:

  • Compile any languages
  • Make your own language
  • Use over 50 languages together to deveop solutions
  • Create custom templates
  • Create custom error solutions for each language
  • Use .nexss language see example: