Nexss Programmer 2.5.106 Features




This is CLI TOOL which you can use on your machine, all compilators are installed on demand depends on your needs. It has command nexss. To display help use nexss help

Compile program from over 50 programming languages

Compile program from over 50 programming languages on your machine. Here is the list: List of the languages supported by Nexss


nexss myprogram.js # compile and execute JavaScript program
nexss myprogram.php # compile php program

Learning tool

First you can compile programs on your machine easy.

Error/Solution - This tool allow to specify solutions for any kind of errors. more here:

Works without the Internet

You can be offline and still compile programs, however when you use particular language for the first time on the machine you need Internet access to install compiler. But after that you are ready to go also without the Internet if needed.

Share Local/Online on Demand

If you want to share results of your program online you just need to add --server flag eg. nexss myfile.ext --server

More about it here:

Automation Tool / Sequence Run

Allows to run programs in sequence built in different programming languages and pass through variables. So you can use solutions in different languages and use as one solid solution.

  • Run programs in sequence - let say: Make some calculations in Perl, Modify data in Clojure prepare data and do some Machine Learning stuff in Python and make some desktop automations based on prepared earlier data in Auto Hot Key. This is just example which shows unlimited possibilities.

  • Data Validation - If you use one step as Nexss Programmer Project (can be one file also), you can Validate your data Incoming/Outgoing. More here:

  • Config of Nexss Programmer Project/Command -

Distributed Computing

We are working on the Nexss Programmer to allow to build distributed solutions easy.

New Scripting language .nexss

.nexss is also scripting language. You can enhance it, make your own commands etc. Below are examples:

Users can create own commands (Nexss Programmer Packages). Each command is a Nexss Programmer package and package can be one file or many files in different languages or combination of files and packages. To create new packages is for more advanced users but .nexss is for people who just want to make solution eg in the office. Example here: AutoPrint - (This example checks your emails for pdf attachments and if any of them contains word invoice it will automatically prints it. - how much time can be saved by 10 lines script)


This example checks your emails for pdf attachments and if any of them contains word invoice it will automatically prints it. - how much time can be saved by 10 lines script.

AutoPrint - Nexss Programmer

Intranet App

Built as an example of using bunch of languages to build solutions.

Build your own Programming Language

Like .nexss you can build your own programming languages. For now it will have .nexss extension however commands will be all yours. The next part will be to allow to your custom language extension.

Each command in .nexss is a Nexss Programmer Package. More here: Nexss Programmer Packages

Contribution, Cooperation

It is Open Source so everyone can contribute and add templates, some tips and tricks etc.

Thank you for all the contributions!

Each programming language has own repository

All programming languages in the Nexss Programmer has own repository.

Final Note

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We use them to promote the programming languages and help others learn quickly and easily.

Thanks to everyone who is helping or will help in this project.

Thank you.